Wedged and Pegged


It's not about the lumber,  

It's what you are capable of doing with it. 

Then the fact that it is recycled wood makes it cool...


 Desk and chair,
The drawer was made with hand cut dovetails, 
legs are wedged tenons through the desk  top.  



The legs are wedged tenons through the back of the seat,
and the front legs are wedged tenons through the top of

the seat. 


 Desk and Chair 


Coffee Table.
The top is from a floor plank and legs  from a post
that was part of an 1890 barn in Ritzvill, Washington.
The first one of these I made was purchased
by Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) 


 The 'Original' Lantern Tavern.
In Spokane, Washington's Perry District.
I designed and built this small tavern from extremely old
barnwood using mortise and tenon joinery on all of this
cabinetry. The bar is all raised paneling that is very challenging
with this old of lumber, the crown molding was made
on the table saw and is constructed from five parts.
Also having a background in commercial sound, I integrated 
the house sound system into the cabinetry as well. 


 This bar was designed after my barnwood coffee table
and that's why it has the wedged tenons on each side. 


 Making the bar front.
That's what 20 coats of finish looks like... 


 Rack mount sound system. 


 End Table,
This was made with pegged tenons and 
a inlayed end grain strip on the aprons. 


 End Grain Inlay Coffee Table,
Made with mortise and tenon joinery
with a thumbnail edge profile on 
the top. 


 Entry Bench,
Made from scraps of other
barnwood projects.
All mortise & tenon joinery. 


 Hall Table,
Barnwood trestle table 


 Conference Table
Built for the Law Firm
Groesbeck Ewers
Spokane, Washington